Agip Super 10W30

Agip Super Motor Oils API SL/ILSAC GF-3

Agip Sint 2000 10W-40

Agip SINT 2000 10W-40 API SJ/CF, ACEA A3/B3/B4, MB 229.1, BMW, Porsche, VW 500.00/505.00

Agip Super 10W 40

Agip Super API SL

Agip All Gear 10W-40

A very unique transmission oil designed for 2-stroke motorcycles with separate gearbox lubrication.

Agip Super 20W50

 Agip Super Motor Oils API SL

Agip Gear Syn 75 W –90

Agip Gear Syn is 100% synthetic blend performance transmission lubricant.

Agip 4 Synt 5W-30

Agip 4 Synt 5W-30 API SL/ILSAC GF-3

Agip All Gear 80W-90

Special transmission oil for 2-stroke motorcycles with separate gearbox lubrication.

Agip 4 Synt 10W-30

Agip 4-Synt 10W-30 API SL/ILSAC GF-3

Agip Fork 5W

A full range of suspension fluids for conventional forks, upside down forks, cartridge type forks and rear shocks.

Agip 4- Synt 10W-40

 Agip 4 Synt 10W-40 API SL

Agip Dot 4 Brake Fluid

 Agip Brake Fluid Dot 4 resists harmful contamination due to extraneous moisture which causes Vapor Lock, and its high Boiling Point remains within Safe limits even when moisture is present in the brake circuit.



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